New Year, New Adventures, New Projects

I  have always thought about doing a project 365. I know I would grow a lot as a photographer, but I don’t think I can keep up with it. So I plan on doing a project 52. One per week. I think that’s more doable starting out.

I am loving the levitating photos so I might try some more of those. Here are a list of ideas/ photo manipulations I want to try:

  • levitating while playing piano
  • floating paper cranes/ origami/ paper airplanes
  • floating books
  • floating music sheets


  • Be kinder than is necessary – J.M Barrie

Nerdy Math Quotes:

  • “Geometry is just plane fun.”
  • “Decimals have a point.”
  • “Calculus has its limits.”


  • Mathematics is the music of reason- Doodle of math turning into music
  • Teach to enlighten
  • Books will take you flying- Book Birds
  • Colors of nature- branches sharpened  to look like colored pencils
  • We (are) Matter- Drawing and holding up signs with words
  • Divided by color, united by shadows- light and shadow play with different colored objects
  • Crack open the sun – sun at sunrise with egg shells held on both sides
  • Peas on Earth- Portrait of Peas
  • Math is not a language, it’s an adventure- Math on a paper airplane
  • Flying Crane
  • Catching crane
  • The power of imagination makes us infinite -John Muir

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