Cat Wonder

Bien Hoa, Vietnam this past summer.


22 comments on “Cat Wonder”

  1. Lovely processing, and a great find!

  2. What a beauty! Love the shot.

  3. Love all the pics. Thanks for visiting my site:, I am excited to see more of your photos.

  4. I really enjoyed your photos. I was lucky enough to visit Saigon, my mom’s home town, 12 yrs ago. It was inspiring, humbling, and emotional for me to visit the home of so many ancestors. We are so lucky to have been born in a rich country where cars and bikes are often taken for granted. I will never forget the traffic, humidity, or work ethic I witnessed in Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat. Pls post more pics!

  5. loved the tint used… and the pic is simple superb 🙂

  6. wow
    Love all the pics.
    great composition!

  7. Hi, I loved your ancestors country when I went three years ago. Landscapes are beautiful and the big towns are lively and easy to live in. But the best was people, they were very nice even if too much inclined to take advantage from the tourist. We came from Beijing by train to Hanoi, and the contrast was evident, I felt at home after having struggled with the difficulties in China. Pity is that Vietnam is milking too much the tourism, I don’t know what will happen in a few years.
    It’s a fantastic country.

  8. Lovely pictures….come to Indonesia for more tropical panorama for your eyes…

  9. They look simply beautiful and so serene !!

  10. awesome!

  11. Great shot!
    I wish I can take photos this good.
    And may I say thank you so much for following my blog.

  12. Reblogged this on Ziamahquenzooh and commented:
    i’m a self-confessed geek aurophile! XD

  13. nice angle

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